Over the last couple of weeks Doctor Lock Locksmiths have been to three patio doors where the lock would not lock properly. In one of these cases the solution was simply to adjust the screws on the frame so that the lock could engage correctly. In one of the other jobs some furniture had been taken through the doorway by a (rather careless) removal company and the door had become misaligned, the frame had also been bent. Again this could be solved fairly quickly. The third job was a little more complicated as the customer had decided to repair the lock himself and had decided to remove it from the door to see why it would not work. After all the screws had been removed there was a loud bang and all the screw holes were blocked off by a metal plate that slid down inside the door. This was when the customer rang us - fortunately all was well in the end  and the patio door lock now works properly, although it did cost more than it would of done if we had been contacted sooner.