I had a call from someone yesterday who asked me to come and let him into his house as he had lost his keys. When I arrived I asked if he had any proof that the lived where he claimed to. As is often the case he didn't but I said it wasn't a problem just get one of your neighbours to confirm who you are. At this point he got quite upset and said he didn't want to disturb anybody and couldn't understand why I wouldn't just open his door for him. As it was only early evening I couldn't see why knocking on a neighbour's door would be a problem. He then said that it was his mate's place and he just needed to get some stuff back. It all sounded a bit dodgy so I made my apologies and left. If you ever need to call a locksmith to let you in after losing your keys please don't get upset if they ask you for ID - if it isn't your house the locksmith is breaking in. See our website for more details of our locksmith services in Leeds and Wakefield.