Hello, this is our new blog. We are a small family run locksmith company based between Leeds and Wakefield. We offer a range of services and a 24hour emergency service if you find yourself locked out, we always pick your lock open whenever possible rather than drilling it. We will publish articles based on our experiences and offering any advice we feel would benefit our customers. One thing we have noticed recently is that people continue to use locks when they become difficult to operate because they think that getting it repaired by a locksmith will be expensive. After a while the lock finally does break completely and then we receive a call. It is then that we have to explain that continuing to use the lock has caused more damage and consequently incurred more cost than would have been the case if the customer had called a locksmith at the first sign of a problem with their lock.  In one recent example a customer's multi point lock an a UPVC door had become difficult to move into the locked position by lifting the handle. They continued to use the lock, forcing it every time they closed the door. Eventually the lock jammed in the locked position and we were called to open the door. The constant strain on the handles had caused them to fail and require replacing in addition to repairing the lock. If we had been called when the problem first started we could have simply repaired the lock and the customer would not have had to pay for us to open the door or the replacement handles. Have a look at our website doctorlocklocksmiths.co.uk for more details of the services we provide. Put our number (07733552127 01133470250) in your phone because you never know when you might need a locksmith.