After talking about windows last time something must be in the air as we spent all of this morning changing the hinges on 12 UPVC windows. Quite a few of them were not closing properly and as they were all the same age the customer wisely decided to do them all at once as this was cheaper than doing a few at a time. The customer also decided to upgrade their door locks to anti snap ones after hearing about the spread of lock snapping burglaries throughout Leeds and Wakefield. After this job we went to a property where someone had broken into a wall mounted 'key safe' and stolen the keys. The word 'safe' is obviously not really appropriate and we would advise that you do not use these products unless you have no alternative. New locks had to be fitted to ensure the property remained secure.  Afterwards a landlord wanted the locks on a rental property changed as new tenants were moving in - always a good idea as there is no way of knowing who has keys to the old locks.