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Do you know where all the keys to your house or business premises are? More than half the homes in the UK 

have keys with people other than the owners or residents. This is especially true in the case of rental 


Did you know that the chances of being burgled within the first year of living in your new home are twice as

high as the national average? As locksmiths we recommend having all locks on entry doors changed.

Also, if you have moved home and have not changed the locks, some insurance companies will not pay out if  

you are burgled.

Why not take advantage of our lock replacement service. We will replace all the external locks on your

property and at the same time we can upgrade them to the relevant British Standard for the type of door. You

could take this opportunity to have all locks of the same type work from one key. At the same time we can 

also carry out a security survey on the rest of the property, this is free, and make any

recommendations which we feel will improve your security .

We cover all of Leeds and Castleford, so if you need new locks then give us a call. 

We also provide new locks in Wakefield.

By Kevin Readman